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E3C Connect

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It is not who you are underneath, it is what you do that defines you.

Name: Kenneth Brown

Company: E3C

Profession: Business Coach

Email Address: Ken@E3CLink.com

Good Lead for Me: Growth-Oriented women entrepreneurs

Great Gate Openers:  Entrepreneurs in the Human Resource, Technology or Sales and Marketing fields

Best Way that I like to Connect: Online

Best Day and Time: Mondays and Fridays 9 to 11am


Blog or Podcast:www.E3C.typepad.com and www.E3C.podOmatic.com


My Passion: Working with Entrepreneurs and showing  them how they can be more profitable! I show my clients how to become more efficient and productive.  I empower them by using new technologies and implementing new success systems.  By encouraging entrepreneurs to adopt the philosophies of Servant Leadership and NetWeaving, will truly take their companies to the next level!  I truly believe that this will be the next Evolution in business! 


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Email Address:

Good Lead for Me:

Best Way I like to Connect:

Best Day and Time:

Blog or Podcast:


My Passion:


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