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Favorite Websites

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Check out the new E3C Wiki: The Passionate Entrepreneur Wiki




Check out the new E3C blog: The Passionate Entrepreneur




Check out these websites:

Do you need to send a large file (10, 20, 30 or 50+ mega bytes) electronically? Check out this free resource: You Send It!


Check out Georgia Public Broadcast's program Georgia's Business. This new series of half-hour episodes features in-depth and candid interviews with CEO’s and other business leaders as they lead companies and organizations in the fast growing and complex global marketplace. Each show features candid interviews as guests discuss the personal and organization values that drive their business strategies and their decisions regarding competition, growth and expansion, changing technology, and the ever changing workforce and workplace. Host Richard Warner moderates this program: Georgia's Business



What is The Secret?

I wanted to share this wonderful video with you. It is so powerful, motivational and very thought-provoking!


Below is a video link that I think you will love .... it is about one hour and thirty-one minutes long .... but, it is worth watching every second of it!


I believe that you will find it very interesting and really special! It incorporates many things that I have been sharing with my clients during my individual and group coaching sessions.


For at least a limited period of time, you can now view the entire, uncut original version of the movie that is taking the World by storm... The Secret... for FREE!


This version of the movie The Secret has been released online by Prime Time Production on Google Video, official Publicist for The Secret. Exactly as seen and discussed on Larry King Live's "Beyond Positive Thinking."  Click Here To Watch


Special thanks to Vanessa Boyd (www.innovativebaby.net) who introduced E3C to this great video!



Learn About The Concept of Netweaving!


This is wonderful website created by Bob Littell who developed the concept of netweaving and has written a couple of books on the subject. Check out this great website! This philosophy show how you can truly make a positive impact with others. Netweaving demonstrates that you can be compassionate and a successful business person too!  Netweaving Now!


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