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Smart Advantage Coaching



 Business Coach for Passionate Entrepreneurs


My Passion:


Helping Passionate Entrepreneurs!  I love working with passionate entrepreneurs!  I empower business owners and show them how to be more profitable by increasing sales and maximizing technology to improve productivity and efficiency.


My Big Idea:


Use the power of the Internet to connect with people!  Use online presentations to initially connect prospective customers and clients. You can also connect and network online!  You will save valuable time and dollars by reducing transportation costs and expenses!


Return on Investment:


My own profit margin is over sixty percent! That is for every dollar that I receive I keep over sixty cents!


Tell Me Something That I Don't Know:


Do you know what a wiki is?  Have you ever visited wikipedia?  That is a wiki! You can use a wiki page to encourage more and better collaboration with team members and work groups. You can create a web page or group calendar, attach files, embed videos and so much more!  It is easy to learn and most often free!  Check out my wiki page: www. E3CPassionateEntrepreneur.pbwiki.com



Special Offer:


First, I invite you to join me for an online networking session with other entrepreneurs every Tuesday morning from 8:00am to 9:00am.  Go to the events section on www.my-business-community.com Second, is your business a hobby or a profitable enterprise?  Take my quiz and find out for yourself!  Contact me now!  Ken@E3CLink.com Call me at 404 957 9193


The Best Way To Connect With Me: Online or a 3-Way Call! 


Business To Business Connections Made: 


Over 385 business introductions this year!




"Ken is an inspiration to me. His enthusiasm for helping people to grow their business is infectious. He is very knowledgeable and persistent in his efforts to make all those around him successful. Through my association with Ken I have benefited greatly through contacts and new business opportunities. I highly recommend Ken and his dynamic E3C organization." Derrick Harris, CEO, The Human Resource Department, Ltd.



Favorite Quote:


"The past is over. The future has not happened yet. The only time is right now! If you continue to look over your shoulder, your past becomes your future."


Dr. Phil McGraw, Popular Talk Show Host



What Makes My Business Unique? (My Differentiator)


·    Diverse experience and background: military, training and development, computer services, financial services, business services, human resource services

·     Over 19 years consultative sales and business development

·     Extensive database of local companies and professionals

·     Created website www.smartadvantagecoaching.com and www.E3CLink.com 

·     Created The Passionate Entrepreneur podcast: http://E3C.podOmatic.com

·     Created The P.E. blog: www.E3C.typepad.com

·     Created The P.E. wiki: www.E3CPassionateEntrerpreneur.pbwiki.com

·     Created The P.E. Business Social Online Network:: www.mybusinesscommunity.ning.com 

·     European influence: Krauthammer Experience (The WOW is in HOW!)

·     E3C Trusted Network and Concept of NetWeaving

  • Over 50 ideas to increase your profits!

  • Over 40 ideas to improve your conversion rate!

  • Over 35 ideas to raise your average sale!

  • Over 35 ideas to increase your sales!

  • Over 50 ideas to improve your leads!

  • Over 45 business coaching courses!

  • Over 45 quizzes, surveys, checklists, scripts, outlines, forms etc.!

  • Over 20 business and sales aids!

  • E3C-ROI calculator!

·     Over 45 customized coaching programs

·     Coached or Connected over 1,000 Business Owners

·     Online coaching and networking programs

·     Strong Proponent of the Socratic Method for teaching and coaching clients

·     Over 45 quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, scripts, outline, checklists, forms

·     Emphasis on technology including: webinars, biz tools, soc networks etc

·     Strong Proponent and Practitioner of Servant Leadership principles


Favorite Articles: Putting Social Media To Work


Favorite Book: The World Is Flat,  Thomas Friedman


Favorite Website: My Business Community for Entrepreneurs!


Favorite Podcast: E3C: The Passionate Entrepreneur .... My Podcast!


Favorite Blog: E3C: The Passionate Entrepreneur .... My Blog!


Good Lead for Me: Healthcare, Technology, Sales and Marketing and Consulting companies


Good Gate Openers:   Human Resource Consultantas, CPAs, Technology Professionals, Business Equipment Sales, Management Consultants and Bankers


Money Back E3C Guarantee: If you do not learn something new or discover a new idea or strategy,  that will improve your business, I will give you a full refund!



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