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Success Stories

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E3C-Smart Advantage Coaching:


"E3C has offered me a wealth of resources, real world experience and a trusted advisor to assist me in maneuvering first through the discovery and cultivation of my passions then building my business model around them. I have had many touchstones and turning points in my career but with Ken I have road map and a guiding light."


Tebbe Davis, President and Creative Director for Image Clarity www.imageclarity.com 



"I want to thank you for your coaching during the past three months. My business and opportunities have changed for the better! Since working with you, I have discovered my true passion and vision for my new company! Your guidance and insightful tutelage prompted me to examine my business. Now, I understand my talents and abilities. I know what I like and do not like to do. I could not continue to do business as usual.


I had to re-start my business and get focused! I realized that if I am going to be successful, my business must support my passion and vision. Now, I am the new CEO of My Georgia Doctor that provides pre-paid medical service for individuals and families!


I am a changed man on a mission! I am excited and ready to realize my newfound vision of providing comprehensive preventive medical care to selected Atlanta metropolitan communities at an affordable price!


This would never have happened unless I had met you! I stepped out on faith and embraced my passion! Thank you and I look forward to a long and profitable partnership with you!


Mike Davis, President and CEO, My Georgia Doctor www.mygeorgiadoctor.com

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