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The E3C Entrepreneur Challenge 


All across the world, leading companies are taking collaboration to the next level!  Through online communities,  encyclopedias, jetliners, operating systems, mutual funds, and many other items are being created by teams numbering in the thousands or even millions.


Due to the Internet, high speed data transmission, new software and new communication technologies, innovative companies are boldly going where few  have gone before and having tremendous success!   


Wikinomics explains how to prosper in a world where new communications technologies are democratizing the creation of value. Anyone who wants to understand the major forces revolutionizing business today should consider Wikinomics their survival kit.  


"Wikinomics heralds the biggest change in collaboration to date.  Thanks to the Internet, masses of people outside the boundaries of traditional hierarchies can innovate to produce content, goods and services."


Eric Schmidt, CEO Google


Check out this interesting interview "Looking Outside the Company for Ideas" from WCPN 90.3 FM


Our goal is to connect passionate entrepreneurs, technology professionals, scientists and inventors with top companies seeking innovation and technical expertise. We encourage all projects in the following areas: technology, media, law, finance, administration, sales, marketing, human resources, public relations, advertising, engineering and applied sciences.


Are you a successful company that values and encourages ideas and innovation from outside your corporate offices?  Do you have a business problem or issue?  Do you have a research and development project?  Are you beginning a new major business project?  Are you seeking outside consultation, services, support and resources?  Do you have an approved budget and willing to award an individual or company with the best proposal? 



For Companies Seeking Proposals:


Please share a brief description of your company,  project title, description of the project, deadline, contact information and dollar award with E3C:


Add a link to RFP:



For Individuals and Companies Seeking Bid Opportunities:


Bidding companies are encouraged to read the following white paper from  NineSigma  before submitting a proposal:


NineSigma White_Paper_Winning_Proposal.pdf


Add a link for bid proposal:

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